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Cub Tug 2021 winner, Butch Whited

July 29 -  30, 2022 - Somerset, Ohio

Bigdog's Buckeye Cub Tug and CubFest Reunion is still on!

We feel that with a few changes we can comply with current standards and guidelines established by the CDC and the State of Ohio to host a fun safe event.

We will have hand sanitizers located in various places and our tables will be spread out more. We would love to see everyone. But, if you are sick or running a fever we would ask that you stay home to take care of yourself and for the safety of others.

The Ratliff, Miller and Snider Families, invite you to join us for Bigdog's Buckeye Cub Tug, Ohio's premiere all-Cub tractor pull!

Meet cub enthusiasts from all over the nation as they gather this summer in historic, Somerset, Ohio. You'll enjoy food, fun and fellowship for the entire family while you learn more about the heritage and versatility of this amazing "little" tractor.

The Cub Tug is also made possible by the South Eastern Ohio Garden Tractor Pullers Association and the members of the forum at

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Tug Winners

Butch Whited, driver and owner;

Rylan Myers, driver;
Bonnie Miller, owner
(Uncle Bill)

Eric King, driver and owner

John Martin, driver and owner
(The Little Cub That Could)

David Cole, driver and owner
(Put Put)

Doug Miller, driver and owner

Matt Snider, driver;
Doug Miller, owner

Matt Snider, driver;
Doug Miller, owner

Jeff Silvey, driver
Larry Gray, owner

Grayson Fisher, driver and owner

Kelley Hulsey, driver and owner

Denny Clayton, driver and owner

Bill Weisbrodt, driver and owner
(Susie Q)

Ron Whiting, driver;
Denny Clayton, owner

Kim Hale, driver;
Rick Prentice, owner

2005 (Cubfest)
George Willer, driver and owner